Sunday, December 11, 2011

Train Wreck or Brilliance? You Decide

Alton Brown may be late arriving and sometime conscientious objector to Twitter, but tonight he is either a genius or on the edge of breakdown/firing.

Earlier tonight, a series of tweets began in which he told his followers to NOT watch tonight's episode of Iron Chef America. Then proceeded to give hints as to why -- his own horrible performance, ending apparently with his throwing up.

Result: @altonbrown hashtag is on fire. The search is averaging two to three comments or retweets a second.

One of the messages from Alton:

No, I'm serious DO NOT WATCH #nextironchef tonight. Things are going to happen...awful things. @foodnetwork.

So, of course, myself and thousands who would not have thought about it are heading to the train wreck. Alton's live blogging (at one point needing another bourbon to continue to relive this) added even more fuel to the fire.

And here's the worse part: next week is worse #nextironchef @foodnetwork

Genius or next Food Network personality dismissed?


Chris Syme said...

I love Brown. I'm sure it's a marketing move on their part. His show is now done (Good Eats) and I think they are making a move to brand him more aggressively. That whole build-up fits him perfectly.

Bill Smith said...

I saw him on his book tour, and I don't think the network has much to do with his moves like Twitter. He's kind of an open book, no pun. That it turned out to be his own torment over who got set home - not that something really bad happened - is a backfire to what he was saying.

Would not be surprised to see him split from Food Network, a la Emeril and Rachael before him.