Thursday, March 24, 2016

Algorithms vs Words

Friends, would you share if you are seeing this problem.  In the past month, the number of followers shared images with text is running an order of magnitude below photos on most of our Facebook pages.  Similar content, similar times of day -- an infographic is doing several hundred; the straight photo several thousand.

What concerns here is this:  everyone in athletics is consumed with using services, etc., to generate social media content with numbers and scores.  As InstaGram declares their allegiance to the algorithm and Twitter tries . . .  the industry is wasting a ton of time and money on messages no one will see.

Before I sound a general alarm, who else is seeing this?

A not so ideal side-by-side example below as the graphic on left ran for about 36 hours compared to the photo on right's 24.  Didn't get the 24 vs 24 hour comparison, because item on left was hovering around 800 reach.