Wednesday, June 10, 2015

You Are Not Anonymous

The Justice Department just took unsealing the details/IP addresses to another level by asking to give up who made comments that could be seen as threatening.

No surprise in the world of Oh-No-You're-Not-Anonymous YikYak.

What I do wonder about, however, is how this will align with the Supreme Court's ruling regarding the Anthony Elonis case?  If threatening bodily harm to your ex-wife can be taken as First Amendment free expression/parody . . . . then how can Justice ask for the info of jack asses making trolling comments?  Seems like the quick defense is Elonis' -- it was all a joke.

More to come, obviously . . .

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Social Media Customer Service

More on the growing desire of the public to receive customer service via social channels, and the continuing lack of activity by institutions.  This Northridge Group study via Bulldog Reporter says 1/3 of institutions still do not answer social inquiries.

And that is leading to this:  42% of corporate execs believe consumers are using social media to shame them into some type of reaction.

Well, you reckon?