Monday, December 19, 2011

Alton Brown's Brush Back

Last week, I was both thrilled and horrified by Alton Brown's Twitter outburst, seemingly against his own appearance on Next Iron Chef. And, it turned out he was only miffed with the result -- not that some delicious train wreck happened in the show or with his own performance (see references to throwing up in his feed).

This week, a decidedly quiet chatter about the show from @AltonBrown.

Actually, my legal team just called. I won't actually be able to talk openly about #nextironchef.

And I got in a bit of trouble last week when I told everyone not to watch #nextironchef, so this week...mouth shut.

Conspiracy theorists can say it was all part of the plan -- fake hype followed by a scripted punishment. Sure, but Ockham's Razor here: Brown really thought he could just talk out loud to his fans.

Kinda what the Honey Badger thought about relationships and one very famous college coach's son thought about Mexican-Americans. On Twitter, you lack even the wafer-thin security of friends or circles provided by Facebook or Google+.

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