Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Eight Words is All You Need

Take responsibility. Tell it all. Tell is fast.

Thanks much to Chris Syme for the notice on Jane Jordan-Meier's book, The Four Stages of Highly Effective Crisis Management.

Too bad far to many people at (fill in the blank with your college sports crisis of choice) won't follow those eight simple words from Jordan-Meier.

But, then again, none of us in the clucking class would have jobs (or at least passionate pastimes) without the dunder-headed 20th century spin doctor approach so many still attempt.

Jane's book will be my New Year's Nook addiction.


Chris Syme said...

I concur. Awesome book. Wouldn't you like to get it in the hands (and heads) of every higher ed communications person?

Bill Smith said...

Well, getting the book in their hands is probably a more likely alternative to the plan to have those lead eight words tattooed on their . . . .