Saturday, January 09, 2016

A Big Brother New Year

Active shooters, bowl game and holidays . . . apologies my dear friends for the dearth of posts.

Today, I've got one to ask you all about.  Have any of you experienced the following:

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I had the opportunity to send three emails to Elle Mohs at KTHV in Little Rock. All related to a story she was working on about A-State's hover board policy.

I've never searched her name on-line.

I've never looked for her (or even her station) on Facebook.

This morning, look who is at the top of my "friend suggestions."

Now I've seen this kind of crossover during that past couple of months -- a podcast subject searched for on iTunes appearing, some personal email interactions suddenly bringing those friends back to higher frequency in my Facebook feed, new people added in Twitter popping up in Facebook.

So I'd chalked a lot of that up to coincidence or obvious data sharing (the searched Christmas gift items as a prime example).

But this was my work email -- which is in no way tied to my social accounts by design -- that has led to a "random" appearance as a potential friend of someone I have extremely weak social graph ties to.

And at the top of the list.