Friday, December 30, 2011

If You Don't Beleive Me

This past week, The Chronicle of Higher Ed, set down this op-Ed series on What The Hell Happened to College Sports, and in particular, I point out for you In particular the essay of William C. Friday entitled Get Out of Show Business.

Sound familiar?

By the way, if the series title doesn't catch your attention, how about Oscar Robinson leading the list with Don't Treat Athletes Like Gladiators.

Don't start the new year without reading these.


Chris Syme said...

Read the series, Bill. Had trouble with some of the writers sounding ignorant of how the NCAA actually works. I have a lot of opinions too, but I try and keep them in the sphere of reality. Are academic people really this ignorant about athletics?

Bill Smith said...

They can be, but at the same time, can athletic people be so blind to how others see them?