Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This is My New Favorite Phrase

It may not displace the Adam Savage School of Public Relations ("I reject your reality, and substitute my own"), but it certainly gives a level of scientific panache to the same mindset.

Overheard on TWiT, I am certain this is not a new concept, but one I'd not heard expressed in this way: Reality Distortion Field.

As in, Steve Jobs often believed if he simply said it, it would simply be so. For example, I want a stainless steel band around the iPhone 4 and the physics of that being the devices antenna be damned.

Think: Yule Brenner Ten Commandment's performance -- So Let it Be Written, So Let it Be Done.

The Reality Distortion Field's power in direct relationship to the amount of real political or economic power of the individual or institution. Thus, if the government tries really hard to say black is white, many might be taken in to agree. If I say black is white, I would simply be scoffed at.

As you can suspect, it is the narcissist's dream, and real potential problem for leaders and institutions. Because, once invoked, the RDF has a serious negative impact that you begin to believe in your own BS.

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