Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Once Digital, ALWAYS Available

In my talks with social media users, I use the early Facebook era story of a varsity athletic team at a major university (no, not UA or A-State) where the players had a private group in which they shared, well, everything.  All the pics of pre-season parties, opinions of the coaches, etc.  It was all fun until the one walk-on, non-scholarship team member walked off the team.  And shared screen caps with the head coach.

That was 2006.  This week, national attention is turning to Saint Louis University after some less than acceptable running commentary among baseball team members was reported to the university and then to the general public via social media.

No commentary offered on what was said or the university's current response.

What I do want to re-emphasis is how this happened.  Your personal security depends on your friends.  That is what unraveled University of Oklahoma and a fraternity party video.  This time it was a Group Me screen capture of comments among members of the team.  Shared with a soon-to-quit the team player.

A year ago.

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