Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Track What Works

Following up yesterday's post about effective institutional video, don't be so involved in your art that you are not listening to the customers.

At the baseball regional in Tempe, Arkansas produced 17 packages of video over a 5 day period. Most of it was direct to digital captures - raw press conferences or post games - but several were cut highlight packages or traditional full voice over packages.

In promoting the videos, we used links so we could get an idea of what got traction.

The playing field was pretty level - only one of our local stations attended and the was no live television (only streaming). Point being, if you wanted to see highlights, you pretty much had to go to

Intuitively, you would think those post game highlights would be the highest traffic. In fact, they were about even to the uncut press conferences. For other reasons, you would not abandon the highlight reels, but that was an interesting stat.

So 16 of the 17 videos averaged 25-50 click through (gasp hard on that - but remember, that was only the people who got the promoted links via Twitter; not the total click through of the RazorVision back end).

Want to know the top video? No. 17 was a simple 360 pan of the view of Packard Stadium from the pitcher's mound. The best click through on any package was. 65. That one-off, straight to render raw shot had 207. That's three times the activity (measurement time was one month out from the regional).

Why do I think it got that click through? It was unique content. It was "insider" content. It was something the average fan doesn't get a chance to experience.

More point-of-view is the future. More go inside the experience. More transport you there to the event - defeating space and time - is the key.

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