Friday, July 22, 2011

Branding? No. Strategy? Yes.

This is a late add to the blog stream, but a wonderful column from last year on his blog by David Rosen that is of great use for people in my old world and my new one. It dove-tails right along with my core philosophy regarding "branding" -- it's what you do when you don't know who you are -- and that it is more important to build reputation and bonding with core groups than pure technique.

Rosen's money quote:

Organizations that establish their communications priorities and programs from a marketing rather than public relations perspective (which I fear is becoming the norm), run the risk of ignoring or alienating important constituencies and substituting short-term gain for long-term development.

How many groups do we know that take that approach, trying to make "sales" rather than long-term friends?

And for those of us in higher ed -- either athletics or university wide -- here's the closer:

Consumers choose a college to attend or a charity to support based on its reputation. While having a good reputation is desirable in the corporate world, it is essential for colleges, universities and nonprofit institutions, which are held to higher standards.

The bold is my emphasis. Discuss among yourselves.

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