Friday, July 15, 2011

It's Purple Priday

Or Maroon Friday. Fill in the blank, but these "casual Friday" calls to your fans is a great way to create easy interactive.

Here at Northwestern State, the senior women's administrator -- a former athlete for the Lady Demons -- fostered the idea of getting campus folks to wear purple on Fridays.

At Miss State, athletic director Scott Stricklin made an art form out of #MaroonFriday, encouraging fans to then send in their workday photos sporting the school colors.

It's that easy, and a great way to capitalize on interest. Sticklin's Twitter feed has photos from down the road in rural Mississippi to MSU students abroad in Italy.

Starting soon, the email blast will get the social support off campus as we begin promoting #PurplePriday through Facebook and Twitter, and asking for those returns.

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