Sunday, July 03, 2011

iPad For Speeches

I had to give a straight speech on Tuesday at the convention in acceptance of the Bob Kenworthy Award. Usually, I've memorized most of my main points and my PowerPoint is the outline that keeps me on track.

So I write out my script, traditional all caps, double space, large text for reading at the podium. Head down to the business center of the hotel and . . .

Sir, we only have one computer that can print out material. And I just put someone on it.

It's 20 minutes to the start of the luncheon.

Putting aside that a massive resort-scale complex's business office has exactly one computer to print stuff off a USB key from guests, I wheel around and head for the room to now hand write out my notes.

As I walk in, I see my iPad and think, well, I could email it to myself.

Why this has not come to me before, I don't know. The geek-factor of walking to the podium with iPad in hand aside, I've never given a speech easier. The two pages of wide double space now became a continues scroll that I could brush along like my own personal teleprompter. Obviously, I've seen these lash-up prompter rigs that used a laptop, or a tablet, or even an iPad, with the usual reflecting screens.

I highly recommend the next time you have a formal speech that requires a written script -- use the iPad and recommend that your executives that you write for do the same. Obviously, need to practice. And, have the back up paper copy (which I didn't) in case of battery or other failures (thankfully, didn't happen).

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