Thursday, July 28, 2011

Be Real

I resist the urge to say grow up to those who are saying that Google is doing the wrong thing in forcing real names in the new Google+. Yes, there are some dissident types who risk harm in their postings and relationships. For 95% of all users, simply toning down the disassociation factor in anonymous or handle-hiding trollism makes it well worth it. CNET provides a balanced look at the questions.

For the 5% of Arab spring protestors and other whistle blowers, I have really, really bad news.

They know who you are already.

Sure, you can Tor and proxy around to make it harder, but if you really are a threat, there is the very high likelihood you're already tagged.

So Google, please, for our sanity, stick to your guns and keep real name transparency in the system.

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Chris Syme said...

Thank you for adding sanity to a very silly issue (IMO).