Thursday, July 21, 2011

Double Posting is Double Trouble

Friends, netizens, countrymen -- in your quest to save time, do not skimp on making sure your messages fit the format of the end target. As surely as you would not put audio only files on your YouTube channel, please do not "retweet" your Facebook posts.

First and foremost, it sends a message of "I'm too lazy" to post this info twice. It's cut and paste. If your info isn't important enough for you to get it to me from a Twitter-oriented product, you are showing that is really isn't important enough for me to pay attention to in the news stream.

FYI -- You're dead giveaway is all those "" shortenings.

That's how we know you're doing it, when you don't make the more cardinal sin -- it's 450 characters and conversational on Facebook. It's 140 characters and headline writing (and we all know by now it's really 120 characters) on Twitter.

Otherwise, you get to send out really interesti...

Nothing says I don't care about my audience more than the dreaded "..." that stops a thought, or sometimes a word.

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