Saturday, July 02, 2011

The News Cycle

Ben Porritt made a great point that politics first created the 24x7 news cycle, then destroyed it -- his point there is no news cycle.

Firm believer in what Ben says, but as strategic communicators, we now need to discover the best way to put our message out so it is noticed in that formless void that is the N.O.D. world -- News On Demand, just like V.O.D. for Video On Demand.

With consumers taking advantage of the TiVo life and time shifting their entertainment, they will do the same on news. That becomes the role of the more static tools -- websites and Facebook pages.

To get attention of the fan base in real time, we need serious consideration of strategy and employment of tactics to get the Twitter/MMS/Text alert world working for colleges and universities.

First step, creative repetition. Get the message out more than once in a day cycle -- especially if it is breaking, unique content or high priority message. But to avoid annoyance of the end user (and to get through Twitter's rudimentary spam filter), vary the phrasing and language. Use multiple voices also to get the repetition. Remember, east coast drive time, west coast drive time, east coast lunch time, west coast lunch time.

Second step, reverse distribution network. Have your social media team include outsiders who will be a part of spreading your words via retweet and direct tweet.

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