Friday, July 30, 2010

Website 8.0

Today marks the ninth generation of website for my work with the University of Arkansas, and without a doubt, this is the best one. It is designed to act and feel more like my best hand creations of the late 1990s where you could custom build a special home page based on circumstances and had a more direct control of what went where.

Ah yes, he original full site back in 1996, coming off a sport only effort in 1995 after the Denver CoSIDA. Still keep that web design and HTML 2.0 guide book on my desk as a reminder of walking into the Cherry Park bookstore to buy at first manual. What a great ride starting with just one book and one idea.

Here's to seeing if there will eventually be a 9.0 someday.


Chris Syme said...

Looks great, Bill. Does the company listed on the bottom do the coding for you? Is it a local group?

Bill Smith said...

NeuLion did the heavy lifting for the coding; I've been with them for some time (ye olde XOS) and they have been more inclined to provide custom work and looks within the content system. Sort of a compromise between the local/regional code set and the cookie cutter driven mega providers. I do think the future is local - fans and brands want their own look and feel.