Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reinforcing the Hymnal

If for no reason than the graphic, click over to Sally Falkow's piece on Corporate Spokespeople Getting their Mojo Back. Wish I had this on Sunday when I was making my church analogy to the crowd approach to spreading the word on your organization. Falkow make many of the same points, and adds as one of her keys for 2011 PR groups:

The role of your employees is to engage in the conversation.

Falkow picks up a quote from Neal Fleiger that made me think twice: Does our fan base look first to a search engine for answers before going to the legacy or digital media for information? Fleiger's point being you need those multiple social media voices to increase the chance to being caught in the Googleplex.

Corporate reputations depend ever more on trust. People are looking for quality products, trust, transparency, and employee welfare.

Sound like something we've talked about before? It's because more and more the industry is beating the drum about employee happiness as the key to social media success.

Falkow says one of her 2011 keys for clients: social media training "for as many employees as possible" and notes that Dell, who we've talked about here an in presentations as one of the leaders in getting ahead of social media and digital media trends as a corporation, put 5,000 of its staff through social media training recently.

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