Monday, January 03, 2011

How Has Your Job Changed?

Another Ronnie Ramos query for the NCAA Convention presentation. Well, I think the photo says it all. I doubt I thought five years ago that the term "stand up" would be part of my world. Granted, I'm not the most natural for TV. The idea is adding value, and a voice over and a open and close makes a video blog -- well -- a video blog rather than a series of clips assembled together.

Content generation is the future for sports information. Actually, I see the manpower of the old SID office going into digital media creation -- writing, voicing, dare I say even stand ups -- and a much smaller number of people managing media relations. The large staff is going to be the content side.

Consider what the NCAA is doing with the restructuring of its "media" relations area -- strategic communication and media creation are two parts of the new equation in Indianapolis, and I applaud that move.

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Chris Syme said...

I love the idea of video blogs--I agree that our tasks will become much more digital. Makes us all need to get up to speed on the gadgets and technology and their innovative use. (don't forget to smile):)