Thursday, January 27, 2011

@ArkRazorbacks has Klout

Picking up on the CoSIDA note today and following the links to The Chronicle of Higher Education's story about a new ranking website for Twitter reach called Klout. Klout declared Stanford the top influential university on Twitter.

On the one hand, a solid metric here. On the other, well, I am proud to announce that not only is @ArkRazorbacks a "Thought Leader" -- which I of course believe we are -- the Razorbacks have the same Klout score as Harvard, Wisconsin and Syracuse at 64.

That's not the Crimson, the Badgers and the Orange. That's the university itself.

BaylorProud, the quite aggressive social media campaign leader from Baylor, is third in score at 59 for the top 10 by Klout. That's a better comparison to us. Just checking a few other random schools, Nebraska athletics was also a 64.

But not a lot: Arkansas leads the SEC with Kentucky and Auburn close at 63, and also thought leaders. Florida was a 58, Tennessee at 57, Georgia a 53, LSU a 52.

I'd guess we'll see a athletic list from Klout shortly.

ADDENDUM: Here's the SEC main athletic feeds as of this morning -- as a dynamic listing, I'm sure it's subject to change.

@ArkRazorbacks64Thought Leader
@AUAthletics63Thought Leader
@UKAthleticsNews63Thought Leader
@GamecocksOnline56Thought Leader
@UGAAthletics53Thought Leader
@OleMissNow51Thought Leader

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