Thursday, April 07, 2011

Twitter's Intrusion

Found this quote in last month's PRSA Tactics interesting. The story was about the way pro teams were using social media. Eric Swartz of the Minnesota Vikings makes the point that his team goes no more than once a day on Facebook, but multiple times a day on Twitter.

Twitter is meant to be intrusive

Swartz notes Vikings post as many as a dozen times a day but only with Twitter.

What wasn't discussed is non-text media. Personal opinion here, but end users have time of day in all social media forms - a time line, and it requires that you repeat east coast - west coast, for example. And with Warner Brothers allowing Facebook to begin streaming videos like Batman Returns shows that video and other multimedia via Facebook is acceptable - so are we going to forgo a text based update when we have a video, maybe an article link, to send out on Facebook?

All food for thought.

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