Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tweet and Post to Your Fans' Content

Couple of weeks ago I noted the piece in PRSA Strategies in which the Minnesota Vikings social media folks discussed their near-iron clad rule of only one Facebook post per day, but go crazy on Twitter. What initially confused me about that was my personal experience A) with our own Arkansas Razorback fan base, and B) my two favorite teams I follow on Facebook, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Columbus Crew. Both the Steelers and Crew hit me more than once a day, and give a lot of blow by blow on game days.

So I put the question to the amassed experts here at the NAB Post|Production Conference. I'll detail responses more later, but the consensus was no - multiple posting on Facebook is not a problem. The general caveat: if your fans tell you otherwise or if you are manufacturing info. When given the pro sports and college sports examples, again near unanimity - we have content that loyal fan bases cannot get enough of, and as one said, they can always unfollow or de-friend.

My favorite response: keep the administrators who don't know what social media is away from it as much as possible.

Actually, that was my second favorite. My fave was when the speaker said, well, what do you think? Is it too much? You'd know your audience best.

Let that be your guide too: listen to your audience, your fans and follow their lead. It is the most important reason to do social media and the best piece of value it provides - feedback.

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