Friday, April 08, 2011

Someone Save My Life Tonight

No, not the Elton John song (although, wasn't he pretty surprisingly good on SNL last week), but whoever picked this as one of the pieces of CoSIDA swag in San Francisco really did. To be honest, that has kinda deteriorated over the years -- I do still have the ESPN360 glass -- but this simple water bottle proved special.

I don't really know why it didn't get tossed along with some of the other stuff -- bags carry only so much -- but it made it home to Fayetteville somehow.

These have not been the best of times. In fact, they have been crappy. To find an outlet, I looked into the garage at my old Trek. Back before Arkansas, I rode. A lot. Organized races. Was a Cat 1 official. Organized and ran a race team. Even dared a little myself (I was too damn big even when I was lighter to be competitive, but I've got one second place trophy to show for a citizen's race). At one point, I even had a coveted "golden ticket" to ride the RAGBRI.

Maybe this would be what I needed to put everything on hold. Get back on the saddle. Here's some old gear -- where are those old water bottles? Gone.

Ah, now you're seeing, the rest of the story. Since it was literally the only one in the house, that San Fran bottle has ridden almost 700 miles since last August. You can tell from the abuse that it's been used. It hasn't made things any less shittier. It has hydrated me to about a 25, maybe 30 pound weight loss. I don't know, never was one to worry about a number, so I don't know how hefty I was when I started. Do know I dropped two pant, one shirt, two jacket sizes -- and that seems more important than how much.

After clocking 30 miles today before heading to Vegas for NAB, I'd like to just say kudos to whoever decided to use the water bottle rather than the paper weight or mousepad. Pretty sure I'd have been indicted for throwing the paper weight by now.

Seriously, thanks.

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