Monday, April 11, 2011

New Streaming Tools

Much more than last year, a wave of technical presentations on solid techniques on streaming. Alex Lindsay talked at length about software solutions to switch sources and produce multi-source video for the web. I can see these as very solid ways to get more than the single camera shot for sports that lack either infrastructure or support. When I get back, I'll be taking a little time to sort out two - those of you needing more immediate solutions might jump on this now.

The first was Wirecast - made by telestream. It can edit as many sources as you can figure out how to connect to the computer; also presenter pro - any computer on the network; also streams and does so in multiple streams based on strength of chip.

Lindsay talked about a pair of hardware switchers, and paring them with separate computers creating the streams. It was Alex that spoke of two boxes and three streams as you send upstream to your content delivery system. He also mentioned Wowza server as a new means to solve our most persistent problem - how to get to different devices, notably iPhone/iPad.

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