Monday, April 11, 2011

NAB Day One

Apologies for a late post off the opening "day" at NAB, which was really the PostProduction Conference. Most of the early sessions focused on TV as we know it production (in other words, your live streaming). More detailed notes later, but the thing I was most taken by was the fact that industry folks would never stream the way all of us do - one stream at one bit rate up to the distribution network. That has bothered me for some time, and my tech guys as well. Redundancy is important and one of the most interesting things I figured out was that we should be considering three streams (low-medium-high) for the best adaptive work (I know, all our providers regardless of vendor say they handle the adaptive off the high only), and then two boxes.

A lot of talk about mobile again, and the number one thing these presenters are asked by their clients about their video:

"Will it play on an iPad?"

No offense to my Droid friends, but no one is asking about how to get the video into those devices. A) All those Honeycomb based pads still aren't here. I think more important is B) Any Droid with 2.2 can already get your website Flash content. Granted, it's not elegant, but it works.

Promise much more later tonight and into tomorrow - I have news that will move you and shake you.

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