Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Coaching Hire at UNLV

Being at NAB, I've had a front row seat for a medal consumer to the process. With it all wrapped up today, the one thing that seemed odd is the local paper devoting almost a full page to the "social media" reaction to the decision to hire David Rice over Reggie Theus. Then, on the page, put only 13 comments/tweets. In these days of precious costs, that's a lot of expensive newsprint - almost 4/5ths of the page with no ads on it. If I can get the image of the page ink you'll understand better. I'm left curious as to why so much space was devoted - there are a couple of big photos to soak up much of the space. Maybe it was an afterthought to take care of a page that was held but then not needed. It was promoed from the front page of the sports section as a big look at how the coaching hire "lights up" the Internet. Instead, it comes off as a big ad for the Register-Journal's Facebook and Twitter pages.

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