Thursday, April 14, 2011

Getting Attention for Your Blog

You had to be there to get this joke, but my attempt at the ultimate SEO attention whoring tweet or blog headline is:

Scott Bourne sucks about Top 10 reasons HDR is the anti-Christ of iPads

In homage, the goal here would be to A) pick a fight with someone who has a huge Twitter following (Bourne at about 100k), B) make refence to something that is a controversial topic whether you know much about it or not (HDR, with is some kind of hot button to the photography world and I have no clue what it means, C) use the new SEO love getter of a numbered list, and finally D) a gratuitous religious reference - to which both anti-Christ AND iPad would qualify (think not? Ever try to get between a full-on Apple-ite and their tablet? You'll end up with a religious experience.

Yep, that is likely to get attention, but not traction. It is SEO heavy, but not truthful or genuine. Too many folks play this game, and more details on the way to be more effective but also creative.

Hmm, kinda like writing a whole little blog post about the faux nature of SEO driven blog posts by using a teasing fake line as the heart of the post.

M.C. Esher-like, no?

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