Monday, March 28, 2011

Zombie Tips for Social Media

Disappointed in myself for not having located Zombie Journalism sooner. This today via the always valuable PRSA daily newsletter -- tips on how to use Twitter and Facebook to put out your news brand info. Aimed more at Twitter than FB, it has the usual new format (X number things you can do!), but there is one thing that caught my eye:

Think curation instead of broadcasting.

As a source of news, I'm not sure this is the top operative thing for Twitter. But on further thought, for a news journalist, it makes sense -- AND in that way for your sub-feeds (teams, coaches or athletes). For example, when we change a game time, that is news that we are generating (or hire a coach). Makes no sense to curate that, you are the source. But for the other coaches in the department -- thinking back to our Mike Anderson weekend as the example.

Here's to hoping the Zombie hasn't had it's head blown off -- I notice in Mandy Jenkins' current post that she's leaving one job now.

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