Monday, March 21, 2011

Making Sausage in Public

Pretty much what the hiring process has become these days. All it takes is a well-placed tweet and off we go. For those not close by, I offer a couple of inside looks at the wide world of Razorbacks as we move through our men's basketball coach process. I link to one of the Kansas City Star's bloggers, because he gives the best tweet-by-tweet, blogpost-by-blogpost recount.

None of the media reports have been commented upon, and the frenzy swirls around our AD, Jeff Long, who stands like the eye of the hurricane. At this stage -- noon on Monday, BTW -- the best of all possible strategies.

By no means an indictment of the media involved -- they are doing what they are paid to do which is dig into what's going on and pursue leads. These days, however, it doesn't take a lot to start a lead. What is different is the collective "we" get to watch what once was a behind-the-doors process in the newsroom as sources get vetted and stories get refined.

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