Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Social Media Policies

Brian Solis issues his Rules of Social Media Engagement -- including a great 25-point checklist to follow. If your department has not created a policy for staff (not just your student-athletes), Solis gives you a great list to think about.

Among the ones I'd highlight as great strategy points:

5. Respect those whom you’re engaging and also respect the forum in which you participate

12. Know when to walk away. Don’t engage trolls or fall into conversational traps

16. Take accountability for your actions and offer no excuses

21. Empower qualified spokespersons to offer solutions and resolutions

24. What you share can and will be used against you – The internet as a long memory

If you're looking for specific examples, here's links to the one I drafted in 2009 here at Arkansas and a recent blog on creating your strategy within the media relations office.

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