Friday, March 04, 2011

E-Mail Lists Continue to Rule

This tidbit today via the PRSA daily email: A study showed 87 percent of media members preferred email for press releases. The balance were OK with a digital news room and no one said send me paper or use PR services. Now the services really aren't a part of the college world, but the difference between wanting to receive and coming to you is pretty stark.

Interesting second note in this PR Daily piece: media said they would like to receive high res images, and that would increase the likelihood of the release's usage.

Let's call them "less service oriented" SIDs who like to say "you can get it off the website" are not looking good according to this survey. The media expect to be served. While you may see yourself as more of the media, or competing with them for the attention of your fan base, this should really come as no surprise.

If you're gonna pitch to them, you'll need to email. The logic is pretty simple -- do you really think you are so important that you don't have to alert the media to news? And if so, at least keep your Twitter feed up to date so they can use that as the alert service.

Bottom line: have good email lists, segregate them by target audience and don't "spam" them with everything that happens.

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