Monday, March 28, 2011

Huskies Get It On Voting

Kudos today to Washington as they make their last push for Jake Locker to make the cover of EA college football 2011. Like Vote Mallett in the fall for us in the O'Brien Award voting, if you want a social result -- voting on-line -- you need an effective social campaign. UW went all in today with a move I heartily endorse. To emphasize to the fan base, they changed over all their icons to a "Vote for Jake" graphic on both Twitter and Facebook. No better way to draw attention for your fans -- they get lulled into seeing the same icon week after week. You are not improving your "brand awareness" by not rotating those icons. You are simply becoming background noise.

How do I know that? Well, how do you think I noticed today something was different at Washington? When you scan your social graph or your streams, you don't read the words. What you see are the symbols, the glyphs that represent you.

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