Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Golden Olde

I know that I can be an annoying blogger with all those back links that scream egomaniac told-you-so.

To this I plead both guilty and innocent. In part, those back links are for the new followers to reference back that something we are discussing today isn't new -- it likely has been around for a while or has a very important precedent.

To that, I'll answer to the ego part in trying to jam the idea of knowing the history of your field (my old homage to Neil Postman and his history is the only meta subject because everything -- a job, a career, a field of endeavor -- has a history that must be known to operate intelligently).

So, long intro to say, while digging through things for some other posts, I came across this one from November 2008 entitled One to One is One to Many. I bring it up because it talks in detail about what we've been going over here from PR sources about the importance of working the fringes and respecting the opinion of user groups.

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