Thursday, February 03, 2011

Social Media Stats

No one loves a good anecdote or stat more than your humble correspondent. Check out these 16 from Arik Hanson.

My fave?

The change in social media use among Baby Boomers 55-64 rose from 9% in Dec. 2008 to 43% in Dec. 2010

Proving again that while 35 and under is a rapidly growing market, we overlook the impact of the internet across the entire spectrum of a fan base at our own peril.

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Chris Syme said...

I like your fave. Yes, we boomers are a force online, for sure. So, the questions becomes, are we a force to be reckoned with? And how do we do that?

Here's one that caught my eye:
"Since April, Twitter has gained 40 million users and a 62 percent increase in mobile use of the platform (Source: ClickZ)"

My guess is other mobile platforms will have similar gains. The next phase of our social growth: are we mobile?