Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Daily = USATODAY?

Who knows if Rupert Murdoch has come up with this generation's USATODAY? The buzz is huge in the on-line community, but I don't hear a lot from anyone who wasn't already a geek getting excited -- pro or con.

I lived the McPaper revolution. I was in the print news business, battling against a Gannett local. We were ultra-local before that was the cool way to deal with the eeeeeevil Al Neuharth papers.

In the end, we all read it and it became a de facto national paper. But, as I pointed out in January, USATODAY is also running fast to the tablet.

Tablets are not going away. In fact, rumor is today Apple may have some very interesting news about the next gen of iPad.

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