Tuesday, February 01, 2011

First Apple TV Placements

I told everyone that Apple TV was a point of emphasis for us here at Arkansas, and now that I've got the bowl game finally behind us and before the rush starts with signing day Wednesday, I'm thrilled that we got our first two offerings on-line.

Neither were purpose-made for Apple TV -- pure repurposing of what we're already doing for the website, and had been reposting at the YouTube channel (ArkRazorbacks).

That said, we are shooting in High Def for the Courtside with Tom Collen women's hoops show, and shot as much of the Sugar Bowl video podcasts as we could. Interestingly, we had to take a feed from the press conferences, and they were not feed in HD -- otherwise, our whole packages would be HD. And, no laughing at the guy who was doing the stand-ups for the first five days.

I think they look really crisp and clean on the Apple TV device, and they are as easy to pull down and watch as anything else you might dig through a DVR/Cable/Sat box to find. This is why I'm seeing Apple TV and the follow on units (most notably, Google TV when they get their price and act together better) become another one of those "death of the internet" concepts.

The best part? How hard is it now for our women's basketball staff to let a potential recruit know that hey, we've got this podcast out there on iTunes? Super easy.

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