Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Facebook 911

If you noticed that suddenly you aren't seeing things in your news feed from certain friends or pages, it's because our good friends at Facebook changed the game recently.

Once again, frequency becomes the key -- if you've been moving a lot of content through your athletic department (or other) Facebook pages, you likely are among your end-users "Friends and pages you interact with most."

If you aren't, this is why you have suddenly disappeared. In theory, not a bad idea for filtering, but for brands and teams, a huge problem. You may want to reach out to your users -- just as one of my Facebook friends (thanks Clare!) -- did for me this morning.

To fix this, click on the Most Recent tab (not in your privacy or account setting), then right click for the properties to edit your news feed settings. The image shows a capture of both the drop down and menu box.

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