Sunday, June 01, 2008

Working on the CoSIDA Panel

Unlike previous appearances, chairing the panel is more about managing and encouraging discussion. Along those lines, I will offer the briefest of presentations at Tampa.

But to encourage that discussion, I am planning to post some of my anticipated thoughts toward Dan Gilmoor and Spencer Hall.

First and foremost -- why are these two guys on the platform? In my mind, they represent the best of breed when it comes to the theory and practice of the new media. As I've mentioned several times before, Dan runs the Center for New Media and when it comes to how the Brave New World will be structured, few short of Aldus have had a better grasp on where it is going.

Spencer as the lead of Every Day Should Be Saturday is one of those national blog/board entities that crosses all party lines. If you are associated with college football, you read EDSBS. Period. That's media, on-air talent, coaches, adminstrators, fans, prospects. Anyone who says otherwise is A) lying; or B) ignorant.

And by ignorant, I don't mean stupid. I mean the classic Merriam-Webster: destitute of knowledge or education.

So, alternating with my $4 gasoline inspired summer travel through great signs of past road trips, we'll flesh out the program.

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