Monday, June 09, 2008

The Importance of the Internet

Building toward the CoSIDA convention program

This slide comes from presentations at the JumpTV Executive Users conference, and in turn from Annenburg School at USC research within the last year.

The question asked was what is the source for your information. Reinforcing the Web 2.0 aspect of community, personal sources and the internet were judged the top two answers. The traditional media were almost equal in the mid-60s.

Thus, when weighing the impact of B&B, we must consider that the rising generation and the internet-oriented part of the population may put more credence into the internet sources than we want to acknowledge.

It raises the important question: If our fans and end-users of information believe the internet, choose it as their No. 1 source of information, can we continue to ignore inaccurate, overblown, false information?

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