Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Next Gen Politics

Frankly, I could care less about Christine O'Donnell's politics.  The surprise GOP nominee in Delaware does have something everyone should be interested in: a chatty past.

From clips surfacing from her appearances on Bill Mahr's show in the late 1990s - complete with off-handed comments about "dabbling" in witchcraft - to later work on the talk show circuit in which she discusses her views on sex, O'Donnell is facing square on her youth.

O'Donnell is a little different in her TV news appearance past.  Cast her as among the first of the Crossfire generation.  She had to work reasonably hard to get on those shows, and then to stay there, she's going to need to be memorable.  That's a charitable way of saying provocative.

Fast-forward 10, certainly 20, years from now.  And the next Christine O'Donnell is explaining why she friended the campus Wiccan guild and I Love The Bud groups on Facebook.

Think it's a stretch? I don't.

The key is will that generation care? They will realize that each and every one of them that got involved in social media will have a lot of posts and likes they may not be so proud of as adults; lots of hard party night photos. Not to mention, more than their share of out of context pics.

I watch O'Donnell on TV as she deftly maneuvers to slip her past comments.  I get a double sense off her. First, outsiders and persons her age in Delaware might not care about her goofy past.  Second, because she doesn't fit the template, and that bothers the establishment.

Who knows, that next generation may already be here.

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Chris Syme said...

Can you imagine what it would have been in the days of JFK and others if we would have had the transparency of private lives via social media that we have now? Hmmm