Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Have You No Shame?

OK, I understand that many news sites are shameless in their harvesting of information from official athletic department websites,

But my blogs and original content - not press releases emailed to media?


Am I the only one who thinks this is a problem?


Chris Syme said...

More info needed, please.

Bill Smith said...

Was on mobile and not much time to type. Here's the story -- several of our media outlets have robots picking off our content and reposting it to their websites. I have some philosophical problems with that -- if we did it, it would be a copyright violations; they do it, "but those are PR releases" or "you're a state agency".

Fine, I'll go with the angle that we want our message spread. After all, back in the day, we sent those stories to papers via modem and wanted them printed verbatim.

Here are the twists: Those old stories in pulp almost always carried a byline or a credit line. These days, many of our media are just posting the stories without attribution. Unknowing consumer might think said outlet actually shows up at our events.

The final step, however, is when I discover that one outlet is taking whole my columns and blogs and posting it on their website. Really? That was never intended for mass distribution, it's original content that I write just for and if you want to link to it, please. It seems a bit much when that gets copied -- maybe I'm thinking a little too 20th century.