Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Three Dimensions of Journalism

Not exactly Steven Hawking three-fold convergence of the universe, but past couple of days have prompted some additional thinking about terminology for what we do on a daily basis.

Riding home from a road trip, I was able to keep in touch with a key city of Fayetteville council meeting through the live tweets by Fayetteville Flyer, and, interestingly, the City of Fayetteville, itself. There was no other media participation through Twitter feeds -- unless they have some new ones I'm not subscribed to -- and that in and of itself is interesting.

By this morning's papers, I didn't get a lot of recap that was different from what I learned both from a networked media reporter and the official source.

How do we decide what was what here? I propose using the term real-time journalism for the live blogging or Tweeting from news events. It is raw, play-by-play in the sports world. I get the sense this is a new thing to many media members, novel. Not so much to those of us living sports on a daily basis. The recap or analysis that could have been in today's paper wasn't terribly deeper than what I had already read.

So, two of our three dimensions based on this event -- the real-time journalism and the review or recap. What I'm sure I'll see soon is the opinion or commentary phase -- three time-based type of views of the same event.

And I realize, real-time isn't that novel a label, but it better reflects what is going on for the journalist. Streaming live audio or video, some pure data stream (difficult in the news world, but C-SPAN tallies of Congressional votes is about as close to the live stats we have in sports) that lacks commentary or injects is not necessarily RTJ (see, it even makes for a trendy acronym).

Here's the way I got to see it. Obviously, it runs in reverse time order, and my apologies for the shamless cut and paste from their feeds to AccessFay (the city feed) and Fayetteville Flyer (FvillFlyer):

accessfayThe City Council has decided to leave it on the 2nd reading, and the item will be on the 3rd and final reading at the next City Council mtg.
fvilleflyerSale Barn issue tabled for two more weeks. #faycouncil
accessfayThe City Attorney advised comments about buffer zones, are not offered in a bill of assurance, also CC shouldn't consider who owns property
accessfayThe Council is discussing the rezoning. They have spoken about compatibility, buffer zones, traffic concerns, impact on existing neighbors
fvilleflyerAlderman Petty is defending students. Says Mr. Buckner's comments are offensive. Lady in crowd is vocally upset w/ Petty. #faycouncil

danasargentWatching the Fayetteville CIty Council meeting. (Channel 16 in Fayetteville) #faycouncil
(This is a notable Tweet, the only one from a legacy media person during the entire string -- What I'm editing out are dozens of reposts of scrips that are "website stories" from the local television stations across the region)

fvilleflyerCouncil member Gray is in favor of rezoning. Crowd is very uneasy. Lots of angry glances. #faycouncil
fvilleflyerCampus Crest offers to build 25ft buffer w/ trees between apts and road in front of cemetery. Says willing to work w/ neighbors. #faycouncil
accessfayThe applicant is reviewing their rationale for DG zoning. (Less intensive uses, offer buffer zone, other property is available for cemetary
fvilleflyerCampus Crest making presentation in favor of rezoning sale barn property. Making case that rezoning fits with 2025 master plan. #faycouncil
fvilleflyerWoman has been speaking so long that Mayor Jordan asked her to sit down. She talked another minute or so. #faycouncil
accessfayThe lawyer for the applicant, stated "owner has rights, & they should be considered & he should not have to wait 2 yrs to have it purchased
fvilleflyerLawyer says ,"It would certainly be a hardship" on the owner if barn rezoning is denied. "Yeah right," says woman in crowd. Wow. #faycouncil
accessfayThe property owners believe that they should have the opportunity to sell their land. No one from the Cemetary made an offer to purchase.
accessfayThe majority of the individuals in the audience are speaking against the rezoning. Most veterans want to see this as cemetary expansion.
accessfayThe City Council is hearing testimony on the rezoning of the old Sale Barn property. The request is from I-1 to Downtown General
fvilleflyerSome guy: "Who the hell wants to build a house near a cemetery?!" #faycouncil
fvilleflyerJim Buckner: "The worst possible neighbor to a national cemetery would be university students."
fvilleflyerSue Madison says City has been accomodating enough to the Sale Barn owners over the years. #faycouncil
fvilleflyerMany citizens speaking in opposition to rezoning of Sale Barn property including Sue Madison. #faycouncil
fvilleflyerSue Madison is in the house and being interviewed by Alex Flippin. #faycouncil
fvilleflyerCity Hall is nearly full already. Expecting fireworks tonight.

I'm particularly fond of the "straight" news approach of the facts as they happen to mark progress from the city, and the inject of commentary from the Flyer.

To be fair, there was some other news in this stream -- I did cut out the live blogging by the Northwest Arkansas Naturals that happened in this set of posts.

What else spaced out the Tweets? 12 consecutive Tweets with links to the website of one TV station's 6 p.m. cast, 6 straight Tweets that were links to another station's 6-cast, another dozen Tweets to the website from the four other TV stations in-state that a follow. Some Breaking News and Drudge headlines. Four personality tweets from a news anchor and three from a sports editor.

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