Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hessert Notes, Part Two

Kathleen Hessert's second day was more about social media, and pitched to coaches and staff than the media training with athletes on day one. Again, a day of validation for past thoughts in this blog.

Fans trust each other more than they trust marketers -- This is almost social media marketing gospel now, but the Hessert turn her was brilliant:

"You can say what you want your brand to be, but the key is what they [fans, customers, public] say you are."

Brings in the digital native/digital immigrant argument, and uses her 85-year-old dad as the perfect example of how digital isn't always about age -- it's about mindset.

I was a little flummoxed by the following paradox as she pointed out the newspaper average demo as 50-year-old that reads only 1.5 stories (making the argument you have a very small chance of hitting a shrinking group), but that the largest growing demo on Facebooks is 50-plus.

On engaging in the "attention economy", if a brand is not part of the conversations going on among the social media, that conversation will simply go on without you. You miss the chance to influence.

The Age of Now was another quick drop-in phrase.

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