Monday, April 08, 2013

Tis But A Flesh Wound

It was Edward Tufte who coined the phrase "death by PowerPoint" -- and he meant it as one of the investigator of the Columbia tragedy.  Tufte found buried in a PPT deck the key indicator that O-rings were not cold tolerant, but within that dense info stack no one noticed.

Fast-forward to New Jersey.  Another day, another set of blows for Rutgers President Dr. Robert L. Barchi.  After word that an independent investigation of why the now departed Scarlet Knights AD didn't think he could fire Mike Rice prior to the revelation of the video, Barchi is trying to conduct regular business.  From The Chronicle:

At a town-hall meeting on the university's Newark campus on Monday, Dr. Barchi was repeatedly cut off by faculty members who told him to stop lecturing from PowerPoint slides and start answering their questions.

Um. Yeah. When you're finished with that PPT, could you get your TPS reports in. Yeah. On the new form.  OK?

How long until we see Barchi as the Black Knight.  It might only be a scratch.

Mike Wolverton continues in a separate Chronicle article today about the twisted path of who had authority, that regrettably reads like a more classic comic routine.  Who was on first?

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