Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fighting Back at Auburn

No surprise to this space the concept of being the one to tell your bad news first, but Auburn -- obviously after careful investigation -- launches out to counter bad news with some aggressive messaging.  Doesn't go any higher than a letter from the AD, Jay Jacobs, that goes point-by-point in refuting charges by a digital media outlet.

Traditionalists will say that if it was AL.com, the Birmingham News' online venture, perhaps the fight wouldn't be taken back to them, and who are these newcomer, low-asset outlets.

What I find more compelling is the realization that a born-digital outlet is driving the story and the best way when you believe you have the facts on your side is to take that set of facts to the marketplace.

Let's be honest -- this is pretty easy when you think you're right.  Tough call is when you have the world and the facts against you.

Auburn has a track record of stepping out front when it needed to in the past.  Interesting read if you've not been following the events.

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