Saturday, April 06, 2013

Sad Turn in History

Indulge me, my social media and college sports readers.  I bring out a pair of sad history points.  The first is the watering down of standards back in Arkansas.  The legislature -- amidst Lord knows what other "high" priorities -- takes the time to pass changes to the state training requirements for teaching Arkansas history.  Really?  Isn't there an economic or health care crisis to vote on instead?  Listen more on this point at We're History.

The other was the halting of one of the great thought exercises of American history -- a course on hoaxes at George Mason.  The gist was the students had to carefully craft a whole-cloth fable and sell it to the internet world as truth.  Oh, you know, that NEVER happens.

When Parson Weems did it, it was folklore.  When T. Mills Kelly reveals that our WikiWorld can oh-to-easily be filled with fakery, well that's just beyond the pale.  Read more at The Chronicle.

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