Sunday, April 07, 2013

Do You Remember Media Relations?

Poynter brings forth some interesting numbers as we all consider how to get the word out on our respective programs.  At least in the area of that ever-so-important male sports demo, the local newspaper is retaining its grip as a primary source.

That seems obvious in an aging demo, but the truly informative numbers in this survey are related to online.  That same newspaper's digital version is the top go-to for the sports fans.

Maybe all that time spent courting the nationals -- while very important for recruiting and reputation -- isn't as great an investment.  I've heard the negative feedback on cultivating local contacts.  Oh, they have to cover us.  They'll always be there.

Hmm.  That's kind of the point, and this survey bears it out.  If you have strong local relationships, you'll have a strong coverage base to leverage toward those national moments.

And when ESPN leaves town, who are you left with?

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