Monday, March 04, 2013

One is a Thousand

If you haven't taken in House of Cards from Netflix, let me share.  A central character is Zoe Barnes, the socially climbing, social media oriented young reporter.  She berates her bosses for not taking the Washington Herald (read, Post) into the new age and chafes against being held back once she starts exploiting her relationship with Rep. Frank Underwood for scoops and career advancement.

However, a perfect compliment to the old "digital assets are extremely portable" comes from one of her battles with the managing editor.  He explodes at her and calls her an extremely derogatory term for women.  She toys with him, thumbing out a tweet on her phone about what he said in front of him and says, "should I hit send, or not?"

He dares her.  She does.  And she storms out with the classic Lesson from Zoe:

"When you talking to one person, you're talking to a thousand."

Words to live by for those speaking in public places.  New York Times weighs in on that episode.

Nice discussion about Zoe as the "army of one" reporter from the WaPo.

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