Tuesday, March 05, 2013

A Little More than Airbrushing a Swoosh

Truth be told, I've removed sponsor logos from artwork in large displays and permanent signage while at Arkansas.  In part, we kept changing sponsors and the new sponsors, well, they'd just as soon not be reminded of Apex.  Or Reebok.  Or Nike.  Or adidas.  Or, well, back to Nike . . . for now.

And I freely admit, there is a terribly close difference in this story, but Photoshopping out a university logo, well, that's just going too far.  Who you're shoes came from don't matter to a school's history as much as it might to a marketing firm, but essentially removing a past name.

Altered Viewbook Photos Land Georgia Regents U. in Hot Water

I am frightfully reminded of my Orwell.

He who controls the present controls the past.  He who controls the past controls the future.

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