Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Genius or Imbecile?

I've read it three times since Chris Syme hipped me to the situation at Indiana.  Gonna be honest, dealing with first round NCAA (oh, excuse me, SECOND round -- "play-in" being banned words) run up and prep, so not a lot of deep research in this.

Jesse Campbell is either the best, most transparent communicator in the history of EmComms . . . or the most damaging.

Anyone who has the nerve to admit it was "a crappy day" at IU and cop to the fact they don't update pages that didn't get updated is refreshing.

I wonder if he will be employed, or allowed to speak to the public, after his brutal honesty on this official blog.

His lead kind of says it all:

While we do not have any satisfying answers, I wanted to at least put out there what we do know as of 3:25pm on 3/19/2013.

Oh, I've wanted to say that out loud at times, but I had to keep that in.  Many of us have also.

I'm tending to lean toward genius in the equation above -- read through the Facebook page for IU's emergency alert and you'll see a pretty good job in managing public with a social media voice/tone.

Perhaps my worry about the frank and edgy wording is misplaced.  Clearly the language had resonance with the target audience.

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